Printing Different HIPAA Forms in WinScan

It is important that pharmacies remain HIPAA compliant by keeping their patient’s HIPAA forms up-to-date. There are currently two methods you can use to print HIPAA forms in WinScan.

These are the different HIPAA forms available in WinScan:

Notice of Privacy Practices: This form explains to a patient how your pharmacy can use and disclose their information. It must also include the patient’s health privacy rights. This form will also outline your pharmacy’s duties to protect the privacy of health information.

Confidential Contact Information: This form allows patients to fill out their preferred method of communication regarding confidential contact information.

Access to PHI: This form acknowledges the patient’s rights to the pharmacy’s records concerning their own Protected Health Information (PHI). The form gives the patient the option to view their records during business hours or to receive them in the mail. The date ranges for the requested records can also be selected.

Limit Use and Disclosure: This form gives patients the right to select what PHI is acceptable to disclose and what PHI is confidential. It also gives them the option to list certain entities that can be disclosed to PHI.

Release Content: This form allows patients to list other entities that can have full disclosure to their patient records, as well as PHI.

Easy Open Tops: Patients can opt for easy open tops rather than child resistant caps for their prescriptions. When a patient requests this, they must sign this form. Once they sign, the signature will be effective for one year.  

To print HIPAA forms from the register:

  1. Open WinScan.
  2. Click on “1 Register”.
  3. In the box labeled “Customer”, search for the customer you wish to print HIPAA forms for.
    1. When you search for the customer, you can select their name from the Patient Lookup box by clicking on their name and select “Accept <F12>”.
    2. You can also type in the patient’s full name into the “Customer” search box and information will automatically populate.
  4. If the customer needs to sign and fill out any HIPAA forms, the message “HIPAA Notice NOT On File – Press Here” will appear. Click on this message.
  5. The different HIPAA forms with signature options for each form will appear.
  6. Click the drop down next to each form to print the form and to get the customer’s signature.
    1. A space for the customer’s signature will appear, as well as “Get Signature”, “Print Signature”, and “Print Form”.
  7. Select “Print Form” to print the selected HIPAA form.

To print HIPAA forms from the main WinScan screen:

  1. Open WinScan.
  2. Select “HIPAA” from the top menu bar.
  3. Type the patient’s name in the “Patient Name” box and press Enter.
  4. Select the patient’s name from the Patient Look Up box by clicking their name and selecting “Accept <F12>”.
  5. You will now be able to obtain this patient’s signature and print the appropriate HIPAA forms for this patient by following from Step 6 above.

For questions or concerns about printing HIPAA forms, please contact Computer-Rx Support at (800) 647-5288.

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