Mandatory Update for Vantiv Customers

Vantiv will be requiring a TLS Framework update to all computers running their TriPOS service by June 27, 2018.

 If you are currently using Vantiv as a credit card processor, or are utilizing their chip card platform, please follow the steps below to ensure you are utilizing TLS 1.2. If these changes are not completed by Vantiv’s cutoff date of June 27, you will experience a disruption in service.

To perform the TLS update, Computer-Rx will need you to download a service on your TriPOS server (computer that controls your credit card processing) that will allow us to make this change. Please follow the instructions below to install this service so that we can complete the TLS update. If you have an IT department, inform them of this update so that they can prepare for and implement any changes necessary.

To access your TriPOS server, you may need to utilize your KVM IO gear switch, or shared monitor’s input settings for it to be visible on your monitor. If you do not know how to access your TriPOS server, please contact Computer-Rx Customer Support at (800) 647-5288 or join a Chat and mention “TLS 1.2 Upgrade”.

To verify the computer you are on is your TriPOS server, you can check the computer services for TriPOS.NET by following the instructions below:

  1. Search for “Services” in your desktop search bar, or by searching under the “Start” menu. Click on “Services” to open the Services menu.

  2. Locate “triPOS.NET” in the list of services in this window. If “triPOS.NET” is listed, then this computer is your TriPOS server.

Once you have verified that the computer you are on is your TriPOS server, follow this link to install our Automated Client. Clicking this link will download it to your TriPOS server.  

When the client has been installed, this message should automatically appear:

Another way to verify that the client installed successfully by opening your System Tray in the lower right-hand corner of the computer and hovering over the small green icon, which should display “Computer-Rx” as shown below:

Once you have completed the installation of this, we will be performing an update on the computer to enable TLS 1.2. This will require a reboot of the computer, which we will schedule after hours during that same evening.

For questions or concerns regarding this update, contact Computer-Rx Customer Support at (800) 647 -5288.

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